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Artists Connectivity Series:

LatinX Season Two

LatinX Artists Artists Connectivity Series is part of an initiative of a greater Artist connectivity Collective. The LatinX program is for Performing and Visual Artists, offering a safe space within the industry for topic-based dialogue between artists globally. The series was born of the global pandemic and now begins a season two of inspiring talks between artists from an average of 7 different Latin countries not including the United States. In an effort to decentralize English, these episodes are entirely in Spanish.

Thursday, October 8th. 7:00pm-8:30pm (Central Daylight Time)

Beyond Reggaeton: Is there a New Eldorado?


This session will be Hosted by the International Association of Blacks in Dance via Zoom and Facebook LIVE. Those who wish to participate on Zoom should RSVP by Wednesday, October 7th at 4pm CDT (rsvp link here).


An exception will be made for October 8th to be in English and translated into English for participants attending the WAA+AMW conference. Those not attending WAA+AMW are still welcome to attend but strongly encouraged to RSVP if you wish to join on the IABD zoom platform.


Episode Description:

Now that bridges have been established  how are we “crossing those bridges” between artists in both the United States of America and Latin countries globally? 


On one hand, the perspective for the discussion will focus the LatinX audiences in the US as a market opportunity for Spanish content. The episode will also address market opportunities for culturally diverse music in Latin America: while reggaeton is conquering the world, it seems to be a very profitable opportunity, since there is evidence of large consumption of music in a region gathering 650 million Spanish speakers. 


Topics on LatinX VS. General Audience Trends: 

  • The demand for Spanish content and Afro-cuban trends is an actuality. 

  • Being a LatinX in the US: artists perspectives. 

  • Music in Latin America: opportunities for non-mainstream music expressions. 

  • Touring in the USA: Perspectives for Latin American artists. Addressing cultural diversity / social inclusion and development through arts.

  • Markets for world and regional music in Mexico and Latin America are changing to meet the times.



La Bruja de Texcoco, musician and Muxe (indigenous word for Transgender); Rubén Luengas, musician and composer (Pasatono Orquesta); Enzo Villaparedes, music producer (Venezuela, California); Linda Briceno, musician and composer (Venezuela, United States).

Moderator: Pablo Solís Vega (Mexico). 


Special Thanks!

Translators: Pablo Maya (Mexico); Shoshana Polanco (Argentina)

Thank you to IABD, Francine Sheffield and OPEN SPACE, our artist connectivity family.


Season II Full Line-Up:


[With the exception of our first episode on OCT 8th; this series and its episodes will continue to take place at 

9am Pacific / 11am Central / 1pm Argentina] 


Episode 1: Is There a New "Eldorado"? Exploring Reggaeton 

Date: Oct 8 (Special time: 7pm Central Daylight Time)


Episode 3: Teatro Al Vacio´s proposal 

Date: Oct 20    


Episode 4: SPECIAL EPISODE (related to ARTS & POLITICS)

Date: Nov 3 


Episode 5: How are the Major Latin Festivals Responding to their Communities  

Date: Nov 17

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