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MENA Artists Connectivity

MENA Artists Connectivity begins OCTOBER 8th, 2021.


Tarab, Persian Contemporary Performing Arts under the direction of Maryam Malmir, contemporary dancer and choreographer from Iran, in partnership with Kristopher McDowell (Rhizome  Consulting) from the Artists Connectivity Collective, presents, a pilot MENA series, an episodic series devoted to addressing issues in the field of art in Middle East and North Africa.

The MENA program uplifts, highlights, and engages artists across the Middle East and North Africa or of MENA Origin living in other parts of the World. This virtual platform welcomes artists and allies at all stages in their careers to join together with other arts professionals globally. MENA Artists Connectivity program exists to foster relationships and to have meaningful dialogue, discourse, and real-time about matters affecting the field right now. 

Episodes last 90 minutes with loose parameters to keep the program engaging. After artists discussion, Observers who are typically Arts Presenters and Promoters and others in the performing and visual art industries are welcome to attend and engage in the second half of the program.

Episode 1: ART or WAR? How art impacts war, as war has impacted art in Middle East and North Africa?

On Friday October 8, at 10 am EST

Episode 2: Limitations bad or good!?

On Friday November 12, at 10 am EST


Episode 3: My homeland Art

On Friday Febuary 11, at 10 am EST


For questions or inquiry please email rhizomeartsconsulting@gmail.comPleas Fa

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