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Artists' Connectivity Series: Open Space Season I

This series is a collaboration between Francine Sheffield (Sheffield Global Arts Management) and Kristopher McDowell (KMP Artists) in partnership with The International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD). Together we will host an Artist Connectivity Series especially for Dance Artists of Color in the United States. This Connectivity Series will be announced soon for International artists living outside of the contiguous United States.

As we move through this crisis together, this Connectivity Series will serve as a platform for Dance Artists of Color to share their collective experiences pre-COVID-19 and design and navigate the path forward. The design of this “open connection space” is to create a casual, virtual platform for artists at all stages in their careers to engage in a dialogue about pressing issues affecting the field and dream about what our collective “next“ can and will be.

Episode 1: MIND THE GAP: Exclusivity in Dance Presenting in the United States 

Episode 2: MONEY MONEY MONEY: Will Life Ever Be The Same?

Episode 3: BEYOND THE PROSCENIUM: Artists' Responsibility to Health and Safety
Episode 4: MIND THE GAP PART II: Exclusivity in Dance Presenting in the United States
Episode 5: A WINDOW IN TIME, Addressing Inequities to Better Our Future

Episode 6: AM I BLACK ENOUGH FOR YA?, Conversations About Global Black Identity & International Presence 

Episode 7: REMOVING THE BARRIER, Staying Connected To The Whole 

Episode 8: SQUARE BIZ, Elevating Business Consciousness In The Arts

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