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Artists Connectivity Series:

PRC-USA Season Two

中美艺术家连线 第二季

This series is an episodic platform to have topic-based dialogues between Artists across the United States of America, and the People’s Republic of China to share experiences in response to the changing realities. An open space to think tank to plan brighter futures for the relationship between artists in these two countries.

Each session will offer a specific focus topic and be limited to 5 participants, a moderator, and a timekeeper (7 total.) We now open the sessions to artists, producers, presenters, tech specialists, curators, students, and others to participate as "observers".


Observers have the luxury of choosing their experience. Audio, visual, and chat channel communication interactivity options.
- Be inspired by innovative ideas by creative minds from PRC and USA
- Creative networking and collaborative matchmaking opportunities
- An Idea Incubator with direct interaction between Observers & Artists
- Insight into the creative process from inception, and the process of establishing collaborative partnerships



乒乓策划和KMP Artists的数字化艺术直播系列,通过网络会议连接中美艺术家进行关于创作、艺术家生存环境、创作资源、社会及政策环境、艺术机构合作方式等进行对话。这一系列对话将为中美两国艺术家创造对话空间。分享“新常态”下的艺术经历并思考对每个人都必将不同的未来。每次会议将聚焦一个主题。本系列期冀建立中美地区艺术家艺术家和艺术行业建立长期联络和艺术家合作对话建立基础,在这个特殊的时期进行尝试。参与人数限定7人,包括5位艺术家参与者和两位主持人。初期参与者将限定在艺术家群体,并开放旁听席位,供学生、机构代表、创意制作人、演讲者和艺术馆馆长参与。会议时长为约90分钟。议题将以促进参与者线上线下的对话交流为核心,同一主题可进行多次研讨。


Season II Dates:

October 15th - 9:30pm EDT

October 16th - 9:30am Beijing Time 

Episode One: The Long Distance Relationship
Get an insight with the creative teams making works in long-distance or internationally during the pandemic. How does it work? What works and what doesn't? A discourse with artists engaging in producing works with an innovative approach, and what do they see in the "trend". 



October 30th - 9:30am EDT 9:30pm Beijing Time 

Episode 2: Sweet or Spook

Bring us to the backstage Holloween Party with Beijing Dance Theater at Shanghai International Dance Center! 



Nov 12th - 8:30pm EST,

Nov 13th 9:30am Beijing time 

Episode 3: Newbie and Niu Bi 

How to be a newbie "Niu Bi (means awesome in Chinese)" creative worker in the year 2020. We can have a mix of creative workers from new graduates to experienced makers exchanging their new venture impulsive creations as well as struggles of wondering if they are making real progress on anything.

...and more episodes to be announced!

Donate to us and help us keep making more connections

Your donation will help us to keep the Zoom account that facilitates the conversations, pay our curator, designer and editor that create make this series possible.


And more importantly, we'd love to pay the guest artists for their diligent works and brilliant ideas when they join us in these creative conversations!

Donations will go through the founding partner Ping Pong Productions, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Contact us regarding your tax-deductible payments today!  

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