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Queer Artist Connect

Divine (June 14), Desire (June 21), and Dream (June 28) are the pilot episodes for the Queer Artist Connect Series, a new addition to the Artist Connectivity online platform. 

Season One Episodes

Monday, June 14 / 6-7:30 pm ET 
Divine / queer insight/foresight, queer ancestors, faith, ritual, past to present
Guests: Najja Moon, Keith Hennessy, Laurel Lawson, Lyam Gabel, Pat Graney
Guest Host: Houston Cypress
Producer: Pioneer Winter

Monday, June 21 / 6-7:30 pm ET 
Desire / bold necessity, transformation and ephemerality, fierce resistance to (and heightened awareness of) gaze, freedom
Guests: Spirit McIntyre, June Romero, Holly Hughes
Guest Host: Sidney Monroe
Producer: Pioneer Winter

Monday, June 28 / 6-7:30 pm ET 
Dream / dreaming of radical new futures, reclaiming of what’s been stolen, forward-casting, there/then, sense of becoming
Guests: Niurca Marquez, Jerron Herman, Evan Spigelman, David Hans Lau, Mashuq Mushtaq Deen
Host/Producer: Pioneer Winter


The platform explores a space to have conversations between Artists across the United States of America, and the entire World to share experiences in response to the “new normal”. It is a space to think about a future that will be different for each of us.

Each session will offer a specific focus topic and be limited to maximum of five Guests, and two Hosts. The sessions to artists, producers, presenters, tech specialists, curators, students and others to participate as "observers".

Eva have episode will be 90 mins. We recorded for archival purposes and the footage is not shown without explicit written permission from each person in attendance and registered.

We build this experience for the Guest Artists to have:
- An open space for topic based dialogue about present day topics
- Networking with Professional Artists and Arts Professionals across various generations and from industries
- Opportunities for collaboration, co-production, co-commissions
- Support systems for artists from different backgrounds and disciplines
- Strengthen cross border Queer relationships and make some new friends

Observers have the luxury of choosing their experience. Audio, visual and chat channel communication interactivity options.
- Be inspired by innovative ideas by creative minds from Queer Artists
- Creative networking and collaborative matchmaking opportunities
- An Idea Incubator with direct interaction between Observers & Artists
- Insight into the creative process from inception, and the process of establishing collaborative partnerships

Our meetings take place on Zoom conference app. Once we confirm your participation a link will be sent to your email with instructions for how to sign up the meeting.

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